Facebook Wants to Hand Pick The News You See In News Feed


Well Facebook is looking to HAND PICK the things you see in your news feeds once again this time in an effort to combat the Fake News issue they seem to be having.

According to Business Insider, Facebook is working on a feature similar to the one that rival Snapchat has called Discover. Facebook is planning on calling their version Collections and it will showcase news stories, videos, and other content submitted by handpicked media partners.

Over the past couple of weeks Facebook has been contacting various Media and Entertainment companies for possible inclusion in the new feature which would give these companies prominence over other companies and pages in your news feeds.

YES it would once again diminish the things you see from some of your favorite Fan & Business Pages thus rendering them almost irrelevant and hard to see of their posts you love.

Facebook’s effort to create Collections comes as it struggles to distinguish between high-quality content from established media outlets and the glut of low-quality, fake news stories that go viral across the social network. The company has faced sharp criticism for its role in spreading fake news stories during the US presidential election. They have also got themselves in trouble earlier this year when their  editors were suppressing conservative news from appearing in their Trending News Section.

In fairness Snapchat will tell you that Discover has been a huge success and that their 150 daily users love it. The question here is will it work on Facebook, who is billed more as a social site vs a media site and will the users like it or go elsewhere where they can see more of the content they prefer and actually like.

So time will tell if Facebook can and will get Collections done without having any issues like they have had with many other features they have tried over the years. We will also have to wait to see what effect it will have on the millions of Fan/Business pages and the visibility they get as Facebook already gives then less that 10% coverage to their fan bases.




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