Facebook’s Newest Weapon Against Fake News


Well Facebook’s war on Fake News is underway and they have deployed their latest weapon against it this week….wait for it…. YOU THE USER…I kid you not.

Yes Facebook, who is famous for using their users for free help dealing with their site, is asking YOU THE USER to report Fake News to them. Brilliant, Right ! NOT !!!

This is going to be a nightmare for them as we all know what will happen with this one. Democrats will report Republican news sites and stories and vice versa. The trolls will be all over this and reporting everything they can to try and disrupt the site, the users and just to piss off Mark Zuckerberg in his effort to clean up the site.

The main problem with this is that Facebook offshores support on the reported posts to countries that have no concept of what is going on here in America or in most other countries. The offshore companies they have doing the work of checking the reports of fake news only work off guidelines given to them by Facebook. They also automate most of it to their computers to do the work thus having no human interaction to Fact Check the content and news in question.So what can go wrong ?

Well, let me give you a very real example of what happens when you let the users report with no real system in place to stop abuse.

Picture it, Facebook, 6 years ago. ZYNGA was the king in gaming on the site and Mafia WARS was the top game they had. Now for those of you who dont know Mafia Wars it was a game where players did jobs to win virtual weapons, cars, property,money and let them attack other players by fighting with them and they even had made it so you could go to war with a rival mafia family to make their Mafia Families stronger in the virtual world. Sounds like a fun game right ? Well it was fun for awhile until the ugliness set in.

The players of the game would set up pages for their families and members they had in them and would post game posts showing they ICED or Killed another player and the other members of the family would talk bad about the other family they were fighting and guess what happened ? You got it sore losers of the game decided to report the people massively who were beating them up in a Virtual game thus making the players have their account suspended or they were banned for abuse for picking on the losing players.

Now alot of these players had spent THOUSANDS, YES $1000’s of REAL DOLLARS, on buying weapons and other virtual items to make their characters stronger. It was a crazy phenomenon at the time.

Facebook was suspending and banning 1000’s of people and their pages left in right because they were being reported by YES FACEBOOK USERS and  Facebook at the time was only using their automated system to deal with this issue. Their was NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT for the people losing their accounts and all the money people paid to play the games on Facebook.

People would appeal the suspensions and bans but because Facebook is automated with NO HUMAN CUSTOMER SUPPORT the users would never got their pages or accounts back and only received a message an automated message saying they violated Terms of Service and couldn’t fight it thus the users had to start both new accounts, rebuild a new character if they wanted to play the game again and then new pages. So as you can see with this example it is a nightmare for the users and still goes on to this day.

Mark Zuckerberg is under fire from the left because of this supposedly FAKE NEWS EPIDEMIC where they are saying it cost Hillary Clinton the election however he has been quoted saying that this is not a real issue as 99% of the content on Facebook is authentic. Quite honestly he is correct.


He has even laid out plans to combat, comfort and satisfy those complaining about the Fake News Issue but this plan on is very flawed by continuing the failed user policed policy vs having actual customer service to deal with this supposed issue.

Let me show you what changes Facebook has made to allow those of you who want to report ACTUAL FAKE NEWS and Hoaxes.

First when you see a post that you believe is fake and needs to be removed you can click the little down arrow in the top right corner of the post and a drop down will give you this option to Report Post then click it.


After you click REPORT POST and new box will open and click I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook then continue.


Then a new box will open and it will again post open a new box to choose why you believe why that post shouldn’t be here.


Then click on It’s a false news story and then continue and it will be reported. Yes it is that easy so now you can see one of the issues that this is going to cause.

Dont get me wrong. I think if their is something that is a blatant hoax or really is fake news by all means feel free to report it but don’t abuse this as you can really hurt some legitimate companies and individuals. Use your common sense and remember there are alot of sites that post satire news like The Onion and The New Yorker to make to laugh.

This is going to be a real nightmare for Facebook and is definitely going to hurt alot of innocent people and companies like they did last month with a major PAGE PURGE in what has been found out to be an attempt to shut down what they felt was Fake News and misleading post pages.

I even got caught up in this mess by them as they deleted my radio station page 102.7 WSNR and book page Tickle Me Funny and am still fighting to get my original pages back as these pages are new pages. I lost years of work on them because AGAIN Facebook has no HUMAN CUSTOMER SUPPORT and I cant talk to anyone. SO you see real people get hurt for no reason because of this fake news crap. Now please remember this when it comes to reporting sites.





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